Gather Stars

Welcome to the Gather Stars AI demo.

Our demo works by analysing emails you send to us and replying with an analysis.

To try it out, email a paragraph or so of text to DEMO@GATHERSTAR.COM

You should send more than a single sentence. Though we would still process a single sentence, the output will not give you much information. Instead, send business related text such as a fake order, a press release, a complaint, a good or bad review etc.

When we receive it, we automatically summarize it, and extract and identify relevant information, which we process to reveal the underlying sentiment of the text.

The results will be returned to your inbox automatically. We will continue to add more features over time, so check back here, or send email whenever you like.

Thank you for your interest,

The Gather Stars team.

For much more information, please visit the Gather Stars website.